Face Night Serum, for oily skin, brightening oil, for dry skin who needs to brighten as well, we recommend the serum and follow with the cream, very light smell of Vanilla for winter.
2 size hand cream, very light grapefruit smell, no preservative, very effective for dry hands, soft nails, eczema, safe for kids2 size hair oil treatment, for thin hair: apply a bit of warm up oil as a mask weekly to regrow hair, for thick hair: mix a bit with your conditioner to detangel and soften your size Eye cream for Dry & Oily skin, 2 size face cream for Dry skin, no preservative thumb_img_4168_1024
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we hand craft luxury Organic skin & hair care products out of 100% organic high quality ingredients: Day Face Cream, Eye Cream, Night Face Serum, Hair Oil treatment, Hand cream, eyebrow regrow oil, all unisex and 100% safe from new borns and pregnant to seniors, on each jar or bottle we add combination of at least 8 oils and excessive amount of Shea Butter so that is why our products stand out strongly compare to our competitions.
we have sale through online, friends and family, sales group in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, San Fran. San Jose & Irvine.
we are ready to face more challenges and open store doors to our products, in this stage, we are looking for a distributor, stores, salespersons from any where in North America to work with us.
Let’s support 100% Organic locally crafted hand-made Canadian business 2015
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